Switch to peppermint and ditch the alcohol. Modere Mouth Rinse freshens breath without the burning feeling, getting rid of bad breath with natural peppermint oil.
Our alcohol-free Mouth Rinse cleans and refreshes with just three ingredients. It’s also formulated with an authentic peppermint flavor for a distinctly fresh rinsing experience every time.
Modere mouthwash is the world’s first EWG (Environmental Working Group) approved mouth wash and will help you to rinse clean to Live Clean.

Modere Mouthwash bottle
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• 1st ever EWG VERIFIED™ mouth-rinse in the world and part of our fully verified Modere Oral Care lineup
• Products with the EWG VERIFIED mark meet tough criteria, including compliance with very strict ingredient standards, robust labeling and manufacturing transparency
• Freshen breath without the need for alcohol
• Peppermint oil eliminates bad breath, naturally
• Leaves your mouth minty fresh and invigorated
• Supports healthy gums and teeth
• Helps to oxidize and dissolve food film for effective cleaning